アンドロイド・オペラ「Scary Beauty」



『Scary Beauty(スケアリー・ビューティ)』日本初演が決定!

2018年7月22日、「アンドロイド・オペラ『Scary Beauty』」を世界の人工生命研究者が集うALIFE 2018(人工生命国際学会)のパブリックプログラムとして日本科学未来館(東京・お台場)で発表する。作品は昨年2017年にオーストラリアでプロトタイプ・バージョンが発表されているが、今回が日本初演であると共に完全に新しいバージョンでの世界初演となる。










名称:アンドロイド・オペラ『Scary Beauty』

日時:2018年7月22日(日) 20:30開演(22時終演予定)





一般席 前売4,500円(税込)/ 当日5,000円(税込)


公式HP: http://scarybeauty.com

Keiichiro Shibuya’s Android Opera “Scary Beauty”

The Japan Premiere will be Performed

An Android Conducts a Human Orchestra and Sings with them

July 22, 2018 an Android Opera “Scary Beauty” will be performed in Miraikan as a public program in ALIFE 2018international conference of artificial life research.

A prototype of the opera was performed in Australia last year, successively it will be the Japan premiere and the world premiere as an updated edition of it.

A humanoid android with AI “The Alter 2” conducts a human orchestra consisted of 30 members and sings with them. The android leads the tempo and the volume of music in the performance, and Human can only follow it.

It is an opera, shows a fatalistic future that human cannot live without the technology they generate by themselves. It is a metaphor for transitional circumstances aroundthe relationship between human and technology.

Keiichiro Shibuya is in charge of composition and piano, and the android decides the tempo, the volume, and the singing expression beyond human imagination. It means that the music proceeds bringing out the new abilities of composed music works, at the same time, destroying it all.

The project started when “The Alter 2” created by Hiroshi Ishiguro (a worldwide robot scientist, Osaka University) acquired an autonomous AI program generated by Takashi Ikegami (a worldwide artificial life scientist, The university of Tokyo). Conspiracy and Competition among AI and artificial life brought by Hiroshi Ishiguro and Takashi Ikegami, and the music brought by Keiichiro Shibuya and an orchestra of human, would renew the relationship between music and human.

The text of the opera is composed of some extracts from extremely critical texts and statements; a curious love song by Michel Houellebecq, the last novel written by Yukio Mishima just before his suicide, cut up texts by William Seward Burroughs, etc. One of the updated section of this perform is composed of extracts from the last work by Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein “On Certainly”. The words of the extracts is analyzed and converted into three-dimensional vectors by a converting program “Word2Vec” and the converted components corresponds to the pitch, the length and the strength of music. Consequently a new music work is generated automatically from texts. This new work will be performed in the opera.

The android sings “The last 7 songs of human”, it would generate new feelings with terror and excitement in human. This opera isn’t monochronic story and doesn’t progress chronologically. In the near future the AI in android would be able to choose and cut up the parts to perform in real time, besides deciding the tempo and the volume in the music. This new way makes it possible to realize a new opera to fragment and integrate some different stories and music accidentally.

It will be the first opportunity you can see a spectacular rehearsal with the android and an orchestra for the future.

The project is named “Scary Beauty”, it intend to “odd”, “weird” beauty.

Trailer of Android Opera “Scary Beauty”



EventAndroid Opera“Scary Beauty”

DateSunday July 22, 2018 20:30 Start

After the performance, Hiroshi Ishiguro, Takashi Ikegami and Keiichiro Shibuya will take the stage to talk.

VenueSymbol zoneground floor,Miraikan2-3-6 Aomi Koto-ku Tokyo

FeePremium SeatADV only):10,000 yenTax included

   General Seat 4,500 yenTax included) DOOR 5,000 yenTax included

TicketADV is sold only in Peatix, it starts selling it at 0:00 AM on Monday, June 18.


Official HPhttp://scarybeauty.com

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Alter2」Special ExhibitionFriday July 20 Sunday July 22Symbol zone, Miraikan



Keiichiro ShibuyaConcept, Composition, Direction, Piano

Alter2:Vocal, Conduct

The Volunteer Orchestra of Students and Graduates at Kunitachi College of Music

Orchestra performance

The talk after the performance

Hiroshi Ishiguro, Takashi Ikegami, Keiichiro ShibuyaSpeaker

Mahoro Uchidasection chief of project for exhibition):Moderator

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Sun Jul 22, 2018
8:30 PM - 10:00 PM JST
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